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Good afternoon,

 Bear Scotland, acting on behalf of Transport Scotland, are planning to undertake urgent resurfacing repairs across the North West Trunk Road network. A consultation letter and programme are included for your information.

 Please note that this programme is subject to change and regular updates will be uploaded to the website linked within the consultation letter.

If you have any specific queries relating to any of the schemes please do not hesitate to contact us at this email address.


 BEAR Scotland | North West Unit

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Good Afternoon,

Please find attached consultation update and location plan for the above-mentioned roads maintenance scheme.

We are pleased to inform you that some elements of the programme for repairs has been accelerated. Full breakdown can be found within the letter.

Should you require any further information regarding our proposals, please do not hesitate to contact us as shown on the letter.

Kind Regards

Julie Lee

Technician | Routine Maintenance

BEAR Scotland | North West Unit

Visit us @

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Planning Local and Transport

Beinneun Windfarm Community Benefit Fund

Open Date – July 2018

Funding Proposals

Winter Fuel Allowance (£250). Households within defined catchment area of 5.5 miles. Presently 206 households therefore potential spend of £51,500.  All applicable households to receive a direct mail shot explaining process. Evidence required is a copy of energy bill.

Scholarship Award Scheme. Fund of between £8K and £10K. Fort Augustus Community Company (FACC) run a similar scheme for the whole of the Beinneun area which funds apprenticeships, travel bursaries and for this year single one off study aid payments. FACC have been asked if they would administer the scheme. Applicants to pitch or write in for award and be judged by panel including BESCI manager.

 Beinneun Windfarm Enterprise Grant Scheme

o Open to small businesses, start-up businesses and social enterprises within the catchment area.

o Any grant from the fund should demonstrate a wider community benefit (ie the improvement of local services, an increase of employment and/or the strengthening/development of local businesses

o £10K upper grant award.

o Can be applied to at any time.

o Straightforward application process.

o Applications to be assessed quarterly by local panel and then BESCI board.

o Restricted to particular spends (ie training expenses, equipment that can grow business, professional fees and first year salary costs for new employees).

o Up to 75% of overall project costs available.

 Beinneun Windfarm Community Benefit Fund

o Grants to community groups, social enterprises and charitable organisations.

o The Fund will support projects and infrastructure which promote the economic, social and/or environmental sustainability of the catchment area.

o £100K top grant award

o Two stage grant process – Expression of Interest and Main Application Form

o Opened bi-annually

o Assets (to be developed) must be owned by applicant organisation

o Up to 90% of overall project costs available.

o Supporting documentation to include planning permissions (if required), match funding approvals, business plans, cash flows, organisation memo and arts/constitution, bank details, legacy planning.

Beinneun Windfarm Community Funding Panel

o 2-3 members from each community council area along with independents.

o BESCI Initiatives Director to present applications.

o Meet quarterly, one month before BESCI board.

o Recommendations from meeting to BESCI board for ratification.

o Advertise for members in local press, social media, newsletter?

o Recruitment to start during second quarter.

Fund Details